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About Me

I grew up in Kenfig Hill, a small village in south Wales. At 18, I moved to England to study French and Spanish at Oxford University. During my degree, I also spent time teaching English in France and Spain.


After graduating, I moved to London where I spent five years working for several major publishers as an in-house editor and writer.

In 2019, I went freelance and moved back to south Wales before setting off to the Cayman Islands, where I now live.

I am regularly commissioned by global publishers to contribute to non-fiction books, with particular experience and expertise in
ELT, textbooks and study guides, music, history, and travel. 

I translate French, Spanish, and Welsh texts into English. I have published translations of short children's educational books, as well as numerous magazine articles. I also take on commercial translation work, although I am focusing more on the literary side, actively seeking my first book-length project.

To find out more about my work, take a look at my portfolio pages, download a copy of my CV, or get in touch at

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