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I am a creative and precise freelance writer and translator, fluent in French, Spanish, Welsh, and English. 

I write non-fiction books, particularly textbooks and study guides. I translate children’s books and magazine articles, and am looking for my first book-length project. I also take on development editing and proofreading jobs.

I work confidently with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, and can offer full collaboration through Google Drive.

Writer | Translator

Aug 2018 – Present

- Recent work for clients like PRH and Igloo Books includes:
- Writing travel guides to Spain and educational non-fiction;
- Translating children’s books and magazine articles;
- Editing, research, and proofreading jobs.

Project Editor

May 2015 – Apr 2019

- Lead editor on many co-editionable book projects.
- Project management, creating schedules and workflows.
- Researched and compiled full contents lists. 
- Wrote content for successful English for Everyone series.
- Google Drive superuser.

Education Editor

Music Sales Group

Jan 2017 – Apr 2017

- Developed, edited, and project managed revision guides. 
- Dealt with technical musical content, accurately.
- Worked proficiently with Adobe CC and Sibelius.

Editor & Writer
CGP Books

Oct 2014 – Mar 2015

- Multifaceted role as writer, editor, and designer.

- Received thorough, in-depth InDesign training.

- Writing carefully graded and pedagogically sound copy

  for revision guides and workbooks in CGP’s distinctive style.

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